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 In Home Lessons 

Day-Training Programs

Busy life?  Cross ‘train the dog’ off your list! These programs are perfect for your busy schedule. You can have the best trained dog on the block!

Do you catch yourself feeling like?..


  •  “I’m in a little over my head”?

  • "I wish my dog would listen to me!”

  • "I wish my dog wouldn't jump on everyone!”

  • " I want to walk him more often, but he pulls too much!”


This is where we step in! The difference is like night and day.

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“It’s not magic.  
It’s training!”

We help your dog improve faster with less effort on your part.  Our programs provide 1-on-1 training for your dog during the week while you are home, at work or running errands.  You can skip the heavy lifting!  

The difference in our 3 programs is how much time you prefer us to spend training your dog.  The more 1-on-1 time, the better your dog will listen to you.  And all programs have BONUSES!

We get rid of unwanted and annoying habits your dog has and teach them basic manners.  Then we meet with you, so your dog will listen and stop that annoying jumping, barking, biting….. you name it!

The difference is like night and day

Program 1

"All That and a Bag of Biscuits" 


For 2 weeks we will train your dog in your home.

For 2 weeks we’ll come train your dog in your home and in your yard.  This is a jump start or a ‘tune up’ for your dog.  Here’s a sample of what you’ll get:


  • Teaches your dog to sit, lie down and “settle”.

  • End leash pulling with walks in your yard and on your street.

  • End jumping up on you.

  • End mouthing or chewing.

  • Coming when called.



  • All training equipment provided!

  • 2 lessons together with you so you learn what your dog learned!

  • Video and photo’s of progress!

  • 3 months of follow up support at no extra cost!

Program 2

"What more could you ask for?"

This 3-week program really brings your dog’s training to the next level with less work for you!
Here’s what this program helps fix or teach:

  • Polishes the basics (no repeating words)

  • Families with children to build trust and safety between children and dog.

  • Listening with distractions – even to come when called!

  • End jumping on you, guests or other people (house manners).

  • Teaches leash manners.

  • Helps with barkers.

  • Trains door bolters.

  • Helps chewers & mouthers.



  • All training equipment provided!

  • 3 lessons together with you so you learn what your dog learned!

  • Field trips in your neighborhood for extra reliance!

  • Video and photo’s of progress!

  • 1 year of FREE follow up support in case you need it!

Program 3

“Be all, End all"

This 4-week program is like hitting a home run with the bases loaded!  It’s great for puppies, young or adolescent dogs (like, terrible 2’s!) and problem dogs.  This program is chalk filled with things that you might not have thought of!
Here’s what’s covered in this program, besides basic in-home manners:


  • Listening in public (parks, beach, hikes), especially! 

  • No more leash pulling and “Heel”!

  • No jumping up on anyone!

  • Excellent recalls with distractions!

  • Dog/Cat cohabitation!

  • Indoor games and activities for grown-ups and kids!



  • All training equipment provided!

  • 4 lessons together with you so you learn what your dog learned!

  • “Heel” (great for crowded areas)!

  • Field trips and training adventures around town for public manners!

  • Video and photo’s of progress!

  • FREE lifetime support guaranteed!  You’ll never need another trainer.  Ever!


Success Stories



3-month-old Covy learning to chew a bone, not furniture or kids’ toys!

pic 2.jpeg


This is new adopted 2-yr-old, Rosie, a very timid chihuahua that was learning to enjoy the vast outdoors.



Maxwell was getting out and about for his early socialization.

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