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 In Home Lessons 

Private lessons give you, the owner, an opportunity to have 1-on-1 time to work on specific issues, basic obedience and behavior modification (your dog loves to bolt out the front door?  Growls at visitors? Jumps up on people incessantly?).

Lessons are conducted in your home.  The number of lessons is dictated in part by how well you do your homework (i.e. "those dishes aren't going to wash themselves").  It also depends on the severity of the problem.  We use a pay-as-you-go system so nothing is due upfront.  You pay for a lesson, you get a lesson.

Each lesson is no less than 1 hour.  The first lesson usually goes over an hour.  You (and your family) are present to explain problems and concerns.  I'll spend some time playing with and getting to know your dog before we dig into a program plan.  Before leaving your house you will be given homework written out for you.  Each dog is different and requires a unique program to solve problems.  Once the dog has been evaluated it is far easier to give an estimation of how many lessons will be needed.

A written evaluation or re-cap is done after the lesson so you have something to refer to and have a clear picture of our program.  Life of Riley Dog Training is available for phone or email support should you have questions or concerns between lessons.

Common behavior problems that can be addressed include:

  • Aggression toward People

  • Aggression toward Dogs

  • Separation Anxiety (if your dog is destructive or self-mutilates when alone)

  • Unruly Behavior (jumping up, house training, crate training, counter surfing, nipping, door bolting, barking and more)

  • House Manners

  • Basic Obedience

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Success Stories



3-month-old Covy learning to chew a bone, not furniture or kids’ toys!

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This is new adopted 2-yr-old, Rosie, a very timid chihuahua that was learning to enjoy the vast outdoors.



Maxwell was getting out and about for his early socialization.