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Dog's Eye View

Dog’s Eye View is a new way to book a training session. Behavior advice from the comfort of your own computer! Some behaviors can be resolved by having a 1-on-1 consultation via Zoom or FaceTime.


If the consultation does not resort in solving the problem, then additional sessions may be needed.

With Dog’s Eye View here’s what $55.00 will get you:

  • 30 minutes to share your dog’s behavior problems and receive detailed advice on how to solve the problem

  • A written follow-up describing the plan

  • Email or phone support for additional questions

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Success Stories


Joyce & Bertha

"Bobbi-Lynn was my first dog, Chunk's trainer over 13 years ago. Now during quarantine days, I recently got a new puppy; a baby bulldog named Bertha. I reached out to Bobbi-Lynn once again and found that our virtual zoom sessions have been just as affective and helpful. She is like my dog therapist! Seriously, after every session I feel better, my dog feels better, improvements are seen..even though we are doing things remotely! Thank you Bobbi-Lynn for your continuous support and guidance through these very important stages of Bertha's life."

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