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Behaviorist vs. Trainer – Is One Better Than The Other?

Please be aware that there is a big misnomer in dog training. Behavior modification simply means that a behavior needs to change or be extinguished. A trainer that works with any animal to modify behavior, no matter how serious, is NOT a behaviorist. A “behaviorist” has a PhD in animal behavior or psychology, as well as a veterinary degree. Animal behaviorists have the ability to draw blood, examen blood panels, prescribe medication and more if it serves to improve behavior in a dog. For example, an aggressive dog may need some anti-anxiety medication to calm their brain in an effort to enable training to take place and create new neurological paths. Imagine a noisy work environment where it is difficult to focus on your work. Or bells ringing in the hallway while you are trying to sleep. You might not need medication to complete a task, but you might find it difficult to concentrate, or fall asleep. An aggressive dog often lives in a state of high stress and medication can help with their training and behavior


Medication is meant to take the edge off so that learning/training can take place. While referred by a well-renown veterinary behaviorist, Bobbi-Lynn has helped many dogs overcome their aggressive tendencies and separation anxiety. Combined with training, medication can improve a dogs behavior faster than training alone. It is sometimes necessary to use medication to offer a better quality of life for dogs.


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