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Open to all breeds and mixes - don't let the AKC letters scare you!

Canine Good Citizen

General Description

This 7 week class is designed to meet the requirements of the AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation. All teams are tested by an approved Canine Good Citizen evaluator on the final week. There are many good reasons to take the CGC course with us! First is advancement of your dog's obedience and skills; this is an intermediate course geared toward those who have a basic obedience level, and the object of this course is to raise that level so that your dog demonstrates wonderful public manners. Second is the irreplaceable value of the CGC qualification! Some rental or condominium properties look for this qualification as a requirement for accepting dogs into their property. The CGC is also the benchmark obedience level that a dog needs in order to begin preparation to become a therapy dog (which I highly recommend doing)! During these 7 weeks, we solidify commands taught in basic classes, wean dogs off of head halters (if necessary) and off of requiring treats. They'll learn to work off of your verbal praise, attention, and affection instead!

Quick Look
  • 7 week long courses

  • Make sure your dog comes to class hungry!

  • All classes will be held at Gilly's Dog House (102 Brown Ave., Chesterton, IN)

  • Please bring your pup's vaccination history, as all dogs need to have up-to-date vaccines

  • Dog must already show a strong recall, be polite on a lead, sit and lay down commands, and a moderate level of self control

  • Materials vary from dog to dog, but you must have:

    • Small sized treats

    • Martingale Collar or Gentle Leader or Easy Walk Style Harness or No-slip collars

    • 6' lead

    • 30ft long line (non-retractable)

    • Clean up baggies

    • Absolutely NO slip, choke, prong, flexi-leads, or correction collars

Things Your Dog Will Learn:
  • Distance stays

  • Heel

  • Sit politely when pet by strangers

  • Proper greeting of other dogs

  • Obedience even with high levels of distractions

7 week training sessions cost $200
All rooms will be sanitized prior to classes beginning each day

"Bobbi-Lynn is just incredible. She addressed our concerns about our dog with honesty and compassion. I really felt that she was listening and responding with thorough, detailed responses. Her instructions offered many different ideas and approaches to working with our dog. We are incredibly appreciative of her help"

-Justin C.

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