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Canine Good Citizen

This class is open to all breeds and mixes – don’t let the letters AKC scare you!

This 7 week class is designed to meet the requirements of the AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation. All teams are tested by an approved Canine Good Citizen evaluator on week #7.

Three Good Reasons to Take the CGC Class

  1. This is an intermediate class geared to those who have had a basic level of obedience. The object of the class is to raise the level of obedience so that your dog can demonstrate nice public manners.

  2. Some rental and condominium properties are looking at the CGC certification as a requirement for accepting dogs.

  3. CGC offers the benchmark of obedience required for therapy dog evaluations. Many teams opt to take this class as preparation for therapy work, which I highly recommend.

  • All dogs must be licensed and current on vaccinations.

  • A basic obedience background is the only pre-requisite.

  • Your dog must have a strong, but not necessarily perfect recall, be able to walk nicely on lead, lay-down and sit as well as a moderate level of self-control. (If your dog has not accomplished any of the basics you should attend and finish the basic group class first, then move on to the CGC class).

  • Other issues addressed are weaning your dog off any special equipment such as head halters and food rewards.

  • During the 6 weeks we will solidify commands taught in the basic class, wean our dogs off head halters (if necessary) and treats. Your dog will learn to work for verbal praise and ear scratches instead!

The class involves teaching distance stays, heel, sitting politely while being petted by strangers, proper greeting of other dogs, and a high level of distractions while your dog exudes self-control


Equipment requirements vary slightly from dog to dog, however no choke, slip, prong/pinch collars or flexi-leads are permitted.

  • A martingale or no-slip collar, a head halter or a harness are acceptable pieces of equipment for the first class.

  • A 6-foot leash.

  • A 30 foot long line.

Please bring all of this and a quality amount of soft, pea-sized treats to the first class. Don’t forget to bring a positive attitude and a hungry dog!

For more information go to: http://www.akc.org/events/cgc/