Why Early Socialization is Critical!

This young, 5-month-old Neapolitan Mastiff was unsocialized until adopted by her family. She had not been exposed to people, places or street traffic. As you can see by the picture, she was glued to her owner. That lasted about 10 minutes. Then, she decided to be brave and check out the room. “Brunhilde” even started taking treats from friendly strangers! The importance of early socialization cannot be overstated to prevent shyness and anxiety that leads to fear.  You can avoid these behaviors that are stressful to owners and dogs alike!

If you have a puppy under 5-months-old, please come to class on Sunday at Button Nose Pet Shop in La Canada. You won’t be disappointed!  4-5pm Sunday, 10, 17 & 24 March 2013 for a mere $20.00.  It’s a great investment in your young pup’s future.


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