Useful Links


This organization promotes positive reinforcement, dog-friendly methods for training.


Dogs & Storks

A movement who’s time has come!  Family Paws is championing the way to help families live happily and safely with their children and dogs.

Dog Star Daily

A plethora of training and behavior information.  Bookmark this one.  You’ll want to refer to it often as a dog owner.

Pets For Vets

Pets For Vets is helping our returning veterans adapt to civilian life.  Their non-profit status allows them to select a veteran, hand-pick a shelter dog, train the dog and place the 2 together for a win-win situation.  Don’t miss the testimonials, but grab a kleenex first!

Delta Society

One of the largest animal therapy organizations in the world.  Click here for details on how to become a Delta Team and what is expected once you are certified.

Therapy Dogs International

Therapy Dogs International is quickly becoming a large animal therapy organization.  As the name suggests, their program in international.