Family Dog Training

This program is designed to help families adjust to a new dog. Or to help families with a dog adjust to a new baby. Instead of banishing your dog to the back yard, your dog & baby can grow to have a wonderful relationship as long as proper introductions are made.

I have learned the skills for helping families cope with bringing in a child into their home with a dog or puppy, or a dog or puppy to a home with children. Parents often consult professionals as part of their baby preparation, but all too often their dog is overlooked in the preparation.  An awareness of how dogs react to changes and how those changes can sometimes be the cause of problems is the first step in learning how to take control of the situation . Management and useful tools can help a dog be more relaxed and know their boundaries prior to a baby coming into the home.  It can give parents some great piece of mind learning the fundamentals of simple management strategies!

We want dogs to know how to behave around babies and we want children to understand how to care for their newly acquired dogs in a manner that is age-appropriate. Dogs can and should be considered part of a family.  They are social animals and need human contact.  So, if you are expecting a baby or planning to get a dog please consult with us to help you prepare and make wise choices for your home.

Please contact Life of Riley Dog Training if you are planning to bring a child into your home, or if you want to bring a dog into your family with children of any age.  It’s a matter of keeping everyone, including the dog, safe and happy.

We love watching the relationships grow and teaching children how to create safe, loving relationships with their pets!