Now offering VIRTUAL lessons full time!
The only ones benefiting from social distancing is our dogs. They have it made in the shade! They are getting love, petting, walks, attention, cuddles 24/7. Of course, with the comfort they provide, their people are getting the benefits of the therapeutic sort. Nonetheless, the humans will one day return to their regular schedules of errands, school and work. We humans need human contact as well as animal contact. But our dogs will be left behind. Alone. With fewer walks and pets and cuddles and attention.
Preventing separation anxiety is a must! No one wants to come home to a chewed up couch or door, a sure sign of an attempt to escape and find you. Rest assured, it is preventable! PLEASE consider a virtual 30-minute session to learn some pro-active methods to save your home from destruction. Because one day, this ‘Stay at Home’ edict will pass and you will return to your normal life. That doesn’t mean your dog will understand the void that is left in its life when that day comes…..

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