Hot Dogs!

That’s dogs that are hot, not hot dogs & burgers! With soaring temperatures and high humidity levels it’s time to make sure you’re prepared to take care of your dog. If you take your dog in the car with you, carry a towel or blanket. Wet the towel or blanket until its damp so your dog can lie on it. The moisture will help them stay cool. Also, their pads have pores and having their feet damp will cool them as well.

If you notice your dog is lethargic, won’t walk, is panting heavily and can’t seem to cool down, he or she may be headed for heat stroke. Heat stroke can be fatal! Cool your dog by pouring room temperature or tepid water on their neck, withers and body. Cold water may send them into shock though. Get them into cool air as soon as possible and continue to monitor their behavior. Get to the vet if your dog is not cooling down. He or she may need IV fluids to get out of danger.

Just be careful not to over exercise your dogs on hot days. A few brief outings are better and safer than a long one. Use your common sense. If you are hot, try putting on your warmest winter coat to know how your dog is feeling.

Enjoy the long days of summer safely and humanely.

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