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.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Contact us for referrals on group classes.

Open to all breeds and mixed breeds!

As the name suggests, the class is for puppies and puppies only. That means under 1-year of age. Many young puppies come to this class and as long as you and your veterinarian agree then the full series of booster shots is not required (see more under Puppy Rearing ‘Vaccinations – Ouch’).

The AKC designed this class to encourage people to get out and train their young puppies. Too often young dogs are relinquished to the shelter because they are ill-mannered. By bringing your puppy to a class you will greatly reduce the chances of having an ill-mannered dog! By the time a dog is an adolescent it becomes more difficult to break bad habits that could have been prevented by attending a fun class.

  • The class is 6-weeks long.
  • No puppies come to the first class, as it is an orientation for the handlers.
  • This class is limited to 8 teams.
  • It is required that this class is taught by an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator so you know you’re getting a great trainer!
  • The curriculum looks simple for a 6-week class, but Life of Riley takes it a step further to give your puppy a really good jump-start on its learning!
  • Please bring shot records to the first class. It’s required.
  • For more details please click on this link: http://www.akc.org/starpuppy/

Puppies have sponge brains and the earlier you can start working with your puppy, the better. Young pups learn everything you can throw their way. By the time class is over you’ll wish it would keep going. That’s why the S.T.A.R. Class is often followed up with the Basic Training Class!

Some cues covered include: sitting nicely for greetings, down, stay, puppy push-ups, ‘off’ (specific to the mouth), not jumping, reducing mouthing, learning their name, a really rockin’ recall, introducing walking nicely on lead, pass-the-puppy and general socialization.

“Thanks to Bobbi-Lynn, we have been able to approach puppy-training with confidence supported by the knowledge that we have an expert behind us.”  – Linda, Milton & Charlie