Basic Training

IMPORTANT NOTICE: CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY ON HOLD INDEFINITELY.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Contact us for referrals on group classes.

This class is designed to help people bond with their dog while teaching their dog to respond to basic, important real life cues. Working continuously for 6-weeks builds a strong bond between owner and dog. Shy, fearful dogs gain confidence and trust in their person. Boisterous, playful dogs gain self-control and learn that barking gets them nothing but attention deprivation. Bully dogs learn to keep their cool because it’s more fun to pay attention to their person than it is to bark at other dogs in class!

  • The class is 6-weeks long.
  • No dogs come to the first class, as it is an orientation for the handlers.
  • This class is limited to 8 teams.
  • Please bring shot records to this class.
  • Graduation consists of canine games and recall relays!

There are no pre-requisites for this class. Some dogs have attended a puppy class, some haven’t. Dogs that are newly adopted do very well coming to a basic class

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. This time is invaluable time spent to create a strong bond with their new person in a new home.

Cues covered in this class are:
Sit, down, stay, polite greetings, a super great emergency recall, walking nicely on lead, ‘off’ (specific to the mouth) and door boundaries. We also work on reducing unruly behavior in public.

Classes are taught using lure-reward and clicker training. Clickers are provided, but you must supply your own treats. Additional training aids needed are: a flat buckle collar for ID tags, a martingale color OR a Gentle Leader OR an Easy Walk style harness. We do not use slip, choke, prong or correction collars.
You will also need to bring:

  •   6’ lead
  •   30 foot long line (no retractable leads)
  •   Clean up baggies
  •   A pleasant attitude that’s ready to have fun!

We pride ourselves on teaching useful cues for everyday human/canine living. We also like to have fun doing it. Let’s face it, if it’s not fun, nothing is worth doing!

“Thanks for helping our boy become calmer!” – Scottie, Denisa & “Nomar”