Children are raised to grow up and be polite members of society.  Dogs should be raised to be the same way.  Trust and confidence along the way helps instill appropriate behavior.  When a bad habit is developed we can alter or modify that behavior using the relationship that was built upon trust.  Instead of using threats or harsh punishment dogs can learn the behaviors we prefer and leave their bad habits behind.

Do dogs really want to please?  It’s debatable, but they certainly want to know what’s in it for them.  They are such opportunists they’ll repeat what has been rewarding for them.  (i.e. A little piece of cheese, a pat on the head, a walk in the park.)  As for the humans, it’s a lot more fun to use reward-based methods than to be on edge waiting for your dog to do something you need to correct.  Food rewards can be faded away while the new behavior stays put.  But when using fear to teach a dog (or child) that fear does not generally fade away.

Thanks to people like Ivan Pavlov and his discovery of classic conditioning (with which he just so happened to use dogs!), we have learned that training is much more than demanding actions and physical positions for dogs.  Dogs are cognizant, sentient beings that react to consequences.  They respond very well to positive reinforcement by understanding what we expect them to do.

Think of the bazillion things your dog could do in a day that would drive you crazy.  Chewing socks & shoes comes to mind.  It is far easier to teach a dog what is appropriate for them to put their teeth on than it is to scold or correct each and every time they chew socks, shoes or books.  Better still, it’s easier for your dog to comprehend your point.

The science of animal (including human) training and behavior involves observing and discovering patterns and responses in animals.  Our philosophy is to treat your relationship with your dog with kindness, trust and love so that they will become polite members of society

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