Bobbi-Lynn’s Bio

It was a 6-month-old adopted Siberian Husky named Gunnar that served as Bobbi-Lynn’s lab dog.  There was not an ounce of Labrador Retriever in him, nor were there inhumane, cruel or unusual experiments performed on him.  Jumping on the furniture, housetraining, manners and dog-dog aggression were a few of Gunnar’s challenging traits.  To help him become a well mannered member of society there were many hurdles to overcome.

Bobbi-Lynn tried many different training methods before settling on a gentle leader and a clicker to best help Gunnar.  Once she learned correction wasn’t as important as teaching Gunnar what he needed to learn (instead of the hundreds of things he couldn‘t unlearn), he grasped the concept and easily gave up his bad habits in favor of good behavior; thus the power of positive reinforcement.

It was during this time Bobbi-Lynn segued into the wonderful world of animal training.  Not only did Gunnar become a Canine Good Citizen within 1 year, he also became a therapy dog whereupon he enjoyed the affections and stories of the infirmed. Gunnar is also the Life of Riley demo dog that shows others what they can teach their dog to do.

Bobbi-Lynn has earned certifications as a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator from the AKC, a national training certification from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Dogs & Storks presenter status and has enjoyed being ½ of a therapy team with each of her Siberian Huskies, Siam & Gunnar (retired at 13-years-old).  She has accumulated hundreds of hours of seminars, workshops and lectures to keep abreast of the latest science-tested methods used in the positive reinforcement world of training.

As with Gunnar, all Life of Riley Dog Training clients are taught using dog friendly training methods.  Using compassionate methods with a passion for training dogs and teaching people to communicate effectively is the cornerstone of Bobbi-Lynn’s methodology.  It simply brings out the best in both human and canine relationships.

Bobbi-Lynn has trained service dogs, therapy dogs, and now proudly volunteers for Pets-for-Vets, a national non-profit helping our veterans adapt back to civilian life with a companion animal.  She has been training dogs since 1999 using positive reinforcement methods, but continues to educate herself on new training aids finding new ways to further the human animal bond.

“I cannot offer enough accolades to this wonderful dog trainer. She walked into my house, my dog jumped on her, Bobbi-Lynn looked at her and said “uh uh” and my puppy sat down and almost saluted. After that, it was smooth sailing

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. She taught ME tricks and we both were trained immediately. GO FOR IT!” – Laura & “Maisie”