Puppy Socialization Class Concerns Addressed

Lots of people are concerned about bringing their puppies to a socialization without being fully vaccinated. Veterinarians are beneficial to your pup’s physical health and trainers/behavioral consultants, such as myself are beneficial to your pup’s emotional and mental well-being. It’s a valid concern, your puppies vaccination schedule. Rest assured we take all precautions in hosting puppy socials. The floors are cleaned with industrial cleaner, the puppies play for brief periods, taught to respond to their name and called away from play before playing again. Self-imposed self-control is an important part of a young pup’s development. Without it they often become unruly and do not play well with other dogs. Ever seen bully dogs at the dog park? Bet they didn’t attend any puppy socialization classes. How about a dog that is scared of other people? Introducing other people to a young puppy builds their trust in other humans. What about walking on various flooring? I’m not talking about grass and wood chips, but hardwood, rugs, concrete, tile and various floor surfaces. I’ve seen dogs afraid to walk on carpet!
Please call me or send an email if you would like further information about our safe, healthy puppy socialization opportunities!

"Hey, it was fun playing hard!  Let's chill out for a little bit!"

These happy dogs were well socialized as young puppies!

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