4th of July Weekend – Be Careful!

Dog owners beware! More dogs escape and get lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. Do you know why? Because dogs are petrified of fireworks. Do NOT leave your dog unattended outdoors this weekend. As celebrations get underway fireworks ensue. Since the 4th is on a Friday this year, I’m willing to bet we’ll hear pops & bangs all weekend long.

Keep your dogs safely inside. If your dog needs extra help, try placing cotton balls in their ears. (Not too deeply or they’ll cause an ear infection if they get stuck!) You can also use some anti-anxiety tonics available at most pet stores. In severe cases dogs need a sedative from a veterinarian. If this is the first 4th of July you’ve had your pet, don’t get caught off guard. Be prepared because we know you don’t want to lose your dog.

Have a happy, enjoyable 4th of July!

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