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Have you ever come home to destroyed furniture?  A hole in your wall or door?  How about notes on your door from neighbors complaining about your whining, barking dog?  It’s a dog’s life right now.  They have it made and they are over the moon with their owners home all day.

I’m not clairvoyant, but being home with our dogs, giving them ample walks and attention are opportunities for them to bond with us further.  It is a pretty good predictor for separation anxiety once owners return to work.  Right now we can bond with our dogs and prevent those mishaps at the same time.  If your dog follows you around all day, curls up by your feet or is on your lap while you work at your computer, I urge you to do your dog a favor and learn some preventative tactics.  Couches are expensive to replace and a dog that is suffering from anxiety is a terrible feeling for them, as well.  Pay it forward for your dogs own good!

Conversely, some dogs are feeling crowded and miss their alone time.  These types get snarky and sometimes growly.  They need their space!  Fortunately, there are solutions for dogs that are feeling over-crowded.

Contact me.  We can have a 1-on-1 session to make sure your dogs’ mind stays healthy through this crisis!

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